The MDP Advantage

Why should your hospital consider partnering with MDP Management? Our hospitalist management team is committed to working within your hospital’s unique culture to deliver results – improved quality, increased patient satisfaction, and higher volume – all while reducing costs. We do medicine differently, melding best practices with new approaches for improved efficiency and better patient outcomes.

Patient Centered
Our goal is to build on the relationship between doctor and patient by emphasizing communication, providing better access to specialist care, and improving availability. Our patient advocate liaisons and the geographic placement of care teams ensures patients have easy access to their doctors and nurses to ensure timely delivery of care and improved communication. We measure our success based on our level of patient satisfaction, so you can rest assured we are putting patients first.

Physician Led
Our leaders are experienced in hospital and outpatient management, as well as hospitalist management programs. They understand the intricacies of managing these unique programs while improving customer satisfaction and achieving quality goals for our partner hospitals.

Locally Focused
We provide a local solution to hospitalist management by focusing on collaboration and communication with area providers and partners. We also strive to discharge patients appropriately and in timely fashion, so they may return home to the neighborhoods, businesses, and organizations that make up our communities.

Data Driven
We rely on data analytics to drive our efforts and direct our strategy toward measurable objectives that improve both the quality of care and the patient experience at our partner hospitals.


Our mission is to deliver medical practice management that empowers physicians to provide the highest quality care, exceed goals and drive change in the hospital system, resulting in an exceptional experience for patients.